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The Ultimate Legging for Miles or Marathons. 

Win the battle against sore knees and hips - Imbrace them! Be amongst the first to experience the unrivalled support and comfort of Dynamic+ Legging.

LAUNCHING 26.01.24 | 09:00 GMT | 10:00 CET | 01:00 PST

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Free Delivery in the UK and discounted shipping to the US, Canada, Australia/NZ & Japan. Please enquire for other regions.


We offer free returns and exchanges* for IMBRACE products within the first 30 days of purchase.


Your leggings are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for two years.


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Unique knee brace technology


coming soon 

Discover DYNAmic + 

The all new Dynamic+ feature a range of innovations that transform the user experience.

The knee brace design offers the support of a mid-level knee brace without bulkymaterial behind the knee ensuring maximum comfort and flexibility.

Enhanced Hip and ITB panels aid alignment and stability. Reduce fatigue,and increase endurance. Redesigned waists for greater comfort and security.

The women’s style has pockets in the lining for heat pads to target back pain and period discomfort.

HEIQTMSmart Temp. thermo regulation fabric treatment to keep you comfortable nomatter how hard you work.

Anti-bac treatment keeps you fresh and reduces washing.

Introducing Dynamic + Legging

Available in both Men's & Women's 

Coming soon

Our mission

We aim to make the best legging for lower body joint support in the market and to offer them at a fair price. We will develop products that will help people to stay activelonger, recover from injury faster, and keep them in the game.

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What Our Customers Say


Emily Johnson

I really like these Imbrace ski leggings. I think they’ve made a big difference. For the first time, I had no pain and I skied for 2 1/2 hours and it was tough.

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Peter Faulder

I have had knee problems for several year now and always wear a knee support. I have worn these leggings for several runs now and I can honestly say they are great. The built in knee support are is far better than any knee supports you can buy. I will continue to wear the leggings each time I run

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David Stewart, age 64, Founder of AGEIST Magazine

As an accomplished Master’s ski racer, I find the Imbrace winter sport leggings to be a tremendous product. The added proproicention, security and warmth are a huge plus. I now have confidence to do maneuvers that I could not do before. I wear them every day I am on the mountain, be it for racing, training or just fun powder days. If you are over 40, and want to ski at a higher level, longer and with less fatigue, you will want to be using these. 


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