What do Knee Support compression leggings do?

IMBRACE knee support compression leggings incorporate a neoprene knee brace for each leg. The unique knee brace panel layout wraps knees and hips in a compressive protective layer to keep you active for longer with less pain and discomfort.

The symmetrical panels provide knee support and hip support to help your alignment and balance, for more pleasure from your active lifestyle.

Knee Brace Leggings for Winter Sports

Winter sport injuries are common. Just one awkward turn, a caught edge or an innocent looking fall will turn a powder hound into a couch potato. Imbrace incorporate knee brace technology in every pair.

Knee Brace Leggings for Golfers

The knee is the most commonly injured joint in golf. Caused by the swing action, walking long distances and even bending down to place or retrieve a ball. Aside from being extremely uncomfortable. Knee injuries and pain can alter your swing mechanics and result in poor ball striking and higher scores.

Knee Brace Leggings for Walkers

Knees can endure a significant amount of stress walking up and down hills and over uneven ground. This is why knee pain is common among keen walkers and ramblers.

Knee Brace Leggings for Gym and Weightlifters

Regular exercise is great for your mind and body. It boosts your energy, helps you manage your weight, improves mood, and overall wellbeing. You have lots of options when you use a gym; Fitness classes, cardio and strength training and help and advice from trainers and other users.

Knee Brace Leggings for Runners

Knee pain and soreness are common complaints amongst runners. There are protective and preventative measures you can take.

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The knee brace support you need to


IMBRACE compression leggings are all about helping you stay active or get back to being active with our unique knee brace targeting support, where you need it

IMBRACE helps you manage pain and protect your joints, so that you’ll have the confidence to get back to doing what you love.

  • The lower back panel keeps the muscles at the base of the spine warm and works with the ITB panels to align you.

  • Silky smooth, base fabric, sweat wicking, non chafing, supreme comfort next to your skin.

  • Compressive panel runs up the IT Band to the hips- helping to lengthen it to ‘switch on’ your hips for better alignment and posture.

  • Mid level compression integrated knee braces – wrap your knees, in a supportive layer offering protection and confidence.

Targeted knee brace support where you need it most.

IMBRACE targeted knee support compression leggings offer higher levels of support than standard compression tights to combat sore and unstable knees.

No other compression legging integrates extra hip and lower back support with neoprene knee braces to offer maximum support and protection.

Our Knee brace technology “keeps you in the game”.

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What ever your age, ability, activity or sport. IMBRACE compression leggings with our unique knee brace technology are designed to target your key joints and muscles to keep you active for longer and reduce the chance of injury.

Compression leggings are backed by extensive research and testing. They are often prescribed by GP’s and physicians for lower back pain, sore knees or hips and swelling caused by poor circulation.

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Compression leggings are used for all types of exercise and recognised by athletes and physicians to reduce pain, improve performance, and aid recovery. Our unique knee brace technology allows the use of additional knee braces should this be required.

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IMBRACE your knees with our unique knee brace technology.

Q.How are your knees?

If they the answer is; ‘bad’ you’ll want to relieve discomfort and if they’re good you want to keep them that way!

Worn as a Base-layer under your trousers or as tights IMBRACE Dynamic targeted compression leggings with our unique knee brace technology offer higher levels of support than standard compression leggings to combat sore and unstable knees.

IMBRACE looks after good knees too.

No other legging gives higher levels of support via built -in knee braces.

Advanced fabric technology combines three layers to create the compression and support panels. The antibacterial base layer is sweat wicking and soft next to your skin.

Whether your joints are good or bad – support them with IMBRACE leggings.

Illustration of leggings construction with knee brace

Compression leggings and support tights are backed by extensive research and testing. IMBRACE  can help to reduce pain and fatigue, improve performance, and aid recovery after injury.

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