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About us

Brothers Geoff (63) and Eric (62) both enjoy sport, and active pursuits including; skiing, tennis, martial arts, running, cycling and the gym. A chance discussion during Covid ‘why doesn’t someone combine knee braces with leggings’ put them on the path of developing and marketing IMBRACE.

Geoff: Years of wear and tear and a few injuries along the way finally reached the point that knee pain was getting in the way of staying active without pain on the recommendation of a trainer at the gym he tried a pair of compression leggings and combined them with the knee braces he was already wearing. It helped - and the idea for what eventually became IMBRACE started to form.

Eric played a lot of rugby: he had his first knee problems at school. 3 procedures, a lot of therapy and knee braces and quite a few years later he finally had a half knee replacement. He’s never looked back since. The combination of his new knee and IMBRACE leggings makes him feel like he can do anything again.

Geoff & Eric started IMBRACE because they figured if it could help their knee issues it could do the same for others.

Why are they called IMBRACE? It’s an old spelling of ‘Embrace’ - it means holding you, hugging you, literally wrapping you tightly in its ‘IMBRACE’.

Why ‘Dynamic’? Because they are designed for active movement - whether training for sport at a professional level or going for a walk.

No gimmicks, no jargon, no ‘scientific claims’ - they just work!



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