Targeted support where you need it

Do you, or have you, ever worn knee braces to protect your knees? If you have, you’ll know that they can slip and chafe – doing good but being uncomfortable at the same time.

IMBRACE leggings have the knee braces built into them! No more slipping or chafing. IMBRACE leggings wrap your knees in supportive neoprene and poly mesh braces to give you targeted comfort and confidence where you need it – with the soft, silky fabric of the base legging next to your skin rather than neoprene and velcro.

IMBRACE leggings do more for you than just look after your knees! They also support your IT Band (the muscle and fibres that join the top of your knees to your hips) with a neoprene and poly mesh panel. An additional supportive panel runs across your lower back – helping ‘switch on tight hips’ improving your posture and alignment.

Imbrace’s unique panel structure offers unparalleled support, comfort and confidence.

IMBRACE helps you recover after exercise, and wearing them can actually reduce soreness.

Close up of sore knee without knee brace
illustration of Women’s High Waist Compression Leggings
illustration of Men’s Compression Leggings