How IMBRACE supports your Running

Being outside in the fresh air for a run comes with many health benefits. There is no doubt running is great exercise for both the body and mind.

Knee pain and soreness are common complaints amongst runners. Running itself is not inherently bad for knees.  There are protective and preventative measures you can take to reduce current and future knee pain and help your body continue to run as long as you feel able to.

The Way you Run

You may be surprised that the way you run can have an influence on your levels of discomfort. Good running form is actually quite complex. Over striding, low cadence, and striking the ground with your heel can all contribute to knee pain. Practising increasing your cadence by taking quick steps and landing on your middle-foot helps to improve form and prevent knee pain. Imbrace leggings are ideal for mid to high cadence runners.

The surface you run on may affect how your joints feel as well. Running on asphalt roads may be harder on your knees than grass or a treadmill.


Shoes play a big role in how your body feels during a run. Finding the right running shoe for your foot, running style, and gait is key. If you can, visit a running store and have them assess your gait. They can recommend shoes with appropriate cushion levels, arch support, and width for your foot.

Although there are no formal studies on when to replace your running shoes, most running coaches suggest replacing them every 300 to 400 miles or when you notice a lack of springiness in the shoes, and you are feeling more aches and pains.

Knee support

According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Knee braces can help support and stabilise the knee during activity. One study compared individuals with osteoarthritis wearing a soft knee brace to individuals wearing no brace.

Wearing a soft knee brace significantly reduced pain levels during walking and reduced self-reported knee instability. Wearing a knee brace also may help you continue activity while rehabilitating the injury.

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Picture of woman running on hillside with knee brace

How does IMBRACE protect you?

IMBRACE Dynamic targeted compression leggings  offer higher levels of support and protection than standard compression leggings or tights to combat sore and unstable knees.

No other legging provides higher levels of user protection via integrated neoprene knee braces.

Advanced fabric technology combines three layers to create the best compression and support leggings available.

The antibacterial base layer is sweat wicking and soft next to your skin.

The middle layer is a 2mm perforated high-grade neoprene that provides the targeted pressure and joint protection.  The outer layer is a compression mesh that allows the protective panels to stretch and breath without losing shape or compression.

Support and Protect your joints with IMBRACE!

Illustration of leggings construction with knee brace

Compression leggings and support tights are backed by extensive research and testing. They are often prescribed by GPs and are recognised by athletes and physicians to reduce pain, improve performance, and aid recovery.

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