Close up of sore knee without knee brace

Comfortable and stylish

The leggings gave me the confidence to get back on my bicycle after snapping my ACL while skiing 3 months previously.  The support material does its job firmly but comfortably but also psychologically is very reassuring.  My physio is holding me back from getting on the tennis court and hopefully back on skis but I think the leggings would be really useful for a range of sports post injury.

I have done some 15-20 km bike rides and the leggings felt really comfortable as well as stylish! The main thing is that I didnt feel like a rehab patient as there is no obvious bandage or knee support!

This is a product I would certainly recommend and feel is well designed for people who are keen to move on with their rehab, regain their confidence and get back to the sport they love.


Injury and Recovery

Imbrace targeted support can help with recovery and injury management. The support of knees and hip through targeted compression gives confidence and increased stability and can help reduce swelling and discomfort.*

Dislocated Knee help.

I used IMBRACE leggings following a knee dislocation that would not stabilise. The leggings felt really supportive and gave me the confidence to start walking unaided and doing the physio and exercises required to build back the required muscle strength. They look good and fit well so I could wear them to social occasions during my recovery without worrying about my injury”.

*speak with your physio therapist or other health professional to confirm that compression and IMBRACE is right for your circumstances.