How can IMBRACE support your Golf

The knee is the most commonly injured joint in golf. Caused by the swing action, walking long distances and even bending down to place or retrieve a ball.

Injuries to the knee include;

  • Collateral Ligament Tears
  • Cruciate Ligament Tears
  • Meniscal Tears

Aside from being extremely uncomfortable. Knee injuries and pain can alter your swing mechanics and result in poor ball placement and higher scores.

Lower Back pain is the golfer’s number one complaint and is often a result of other muscle or skeletal problems. For instance, a sore knee, hip, ankle or foot can cause you to favour one side of your body over the other. You might not even recognise that you are doing it – but your back will let you know! The twisting motion of the golf swing can cause lower back pain as well – even top golfers suffer.

How can IMBRACE help?

  • The built-in neoprene knee braces help protect your knees by supporting them and keeping them warm.
  • The panels that that run up the thighs support your IT Bands and help to reduce tightness in your hips, giving improved hip rotation when you swing and when walking.
  • The panel across the lower back – keeps muscles warm, and helps with your alignment and posture.
  • Reduces fatigue and stiffness during your game
  • Helps recovery after a long day on the course.
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Photo of golfer on cold morning with knee brace

How does IMBRACE protect you?

IMBRACE Dynamic targeted compression leggings  offer higher levels of support and protection than standard compression leggings or tights to combat sore and unstable knees.

No other legging provides higher levels of user protection via integrated neoprene knee braces.

Advanced fabric technology combines three layers to create the best compression and support leggings available.

The antibacterial base layer is sweat wicking and soft next to your skin.

The middle layer is a 2mm perforated high-grade neoprene that provides the targeted pressure and joint protection.  The outer layer is a compression mesh that allows the protective panels to stretch and breath without losing shape or compression.

Support and Protect your joints with IMBRACE!

Illustration of leggings construction with knee brace

Compression leggings and support tights are backed by extensive research and testing. They are often prescribed by GPs and are recognised by athletes and physicians to reduce pain, improve performance, and aid recovery.

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