A. In a word; Snug. They can’t do the job they’re designed for if they are too loose. But being too tight will restrict your movement too. Our sizing charts have been carefully worked out – if you fall between sizes go for the larger size.

A. Your leggings are treated with an effective anti bacteria treatment. They need washing far less often than you’d imagine. When you do wash them, please use cold water (30*C) and avoid detergents, softeners and chemicals. Just rinse them and then hang them up to air dry.

A. Absolutely! The material around the knees is great for keeping additional braces in place for increased support and confidence. Your IMBRACE leggings used as an underlayer can actually make heavier braces more comfortable by reducing pinching and chafing.

A. Yes. There are some conditions that don’t respond well to compression. Osteoarthritis can react badly to compression. If your condition is mild, the knee compression may bring some relief. If your condition has associated swelling around the affected joint, IMBRACE will almost certainly not be suitable for you – as the pressure will increase pain and discomfort rather than reducing it.

If you suffer from certain skin conditions, or vascular health issues, please seek advice from a health professional before using IMBRACE leggings.
We do not recommend wearing compression leggings for prolonged periods. They should not be worn for sleeping – unless recommended by a medical professional as part of post injury/operative management.


If you have any concerns about wearing IMBRACE knee support leggings please consult a trained medical professional.

A. IMBRACE leggings can play a part in your recovery. BUT you should always take advice from your doctor or other health professional prior to adding them to your post injury or operative or recovery programme.

A. We want you get the right fit. We will exchange your leggings so they do the job you need them to do. Drop us a line on exchanges@imbrace.com let us have your order number, and whether you need a larger or smaller size and we will do the rest! (see T’s and C’s)