Protection, Alignment, Balance, Confidence

Brothers Eric (61) and Geoff Hanson (63) both enjoy active pursuits including; skiing, running, cycling and the gym.

But old injuries and later mishaps added up to a long list of painful niggles as they went past their 50’s and on into their 60’s.

After years of trying different knee braces and supports they thought there had to be a better way – and that’s how IMBRACE was born.

Their idea was a hybrid; a base legging with knee braces built in.  The initial idea was only to support the knees, but during the design process they realised that they could also give support to the thighs (IT Band) and lower back.

‘We worked on a number of designs, trying different configurations of bracing and levels of compression before settling on what became IMBRACE Dynamic.’

Why IMBRACE? It’s an old spelling of ‘Embrace’ – they hold you, hug you, literally wrapping you tightly in their ‘IMBRACE’. Why ‘Dynamic’? Because they are designed for any activity that involves movement – whether training for sport at a professional level or going for a walk. They provide targeted bracing to make that activity more enjoyable.


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